Studio A Rama 2012

Studio A Rama 2012

The 31st annual Studio A Rama was held Saturday September 8th and I was able to catch five of the ten bands, those being; Death Of Samantha, Herzog, RA Washington + The Family Dollar, Dreadful Yawns, and Village Bicycle. 

I’ve been experimenting with using dual cameras on some of the videos and I’m not totally dissatisfied with the results though it does multiply the editing processing time a good deal. The real hurdle with photographing Studio A Rama is when the evening comes and the stage lights go on. I’ve been to quite a few SAR’s but always forget about how those lights are directly pointed at the ‘front row’ of the audience and directly at any camera lenses that are pointed at the performers [the lights are pointed at the mic’s from above].

My still photos of the event are here. The playlist below has 13 videos contained within. I maybe adding a others in the near future but the editing process had me worn down so I figured I’ll ‘stand-down’ for a bit..


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